My First Flying Unicorn

by Brooke Halteman

“You came back!” Words from multiple coworkers on the second day of my internship here at School Datebooks. At first I thought it was just Jon being his goofy self, but when other people said it as well I started questioning if interns usually do leave. Maybe they know something I don’t…. 

But as far as I’ve experienced, I wouldn’t want to leave this office. When I first met Andy at a Purdue career fair, I was super-impressed with his relatability and the quirky Marketing internship job description. The first lines of it were: “It’s getting pretty real over here and we need an intern. Someone who wants to learn the ropes; wants their opinion to count (a little); and doesn’t mind a frenetic environment fueled by coffee and sarcasm.” No job description in the history of my searches has ever made me giggle, so I knew this was a good start.

My name is Brooke and I am heading into my senior year at Purdue University. Next May I will (hopefully) graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing with minors in French, Global Studies, and Religious Studies. I say hopefully because I walked under the Bell Tower before my freshman year even started…a huge “no-no” at Purdue. Apparently this curses you to not graduate in 4 years. So far I’m on track even though I’ve changed my major 3 times. My goal is to beat fate.

Even though I’m not studying Marketing, I wanted to dip my toes in it before I graduate. Learning some Marketing tricks at an internship grants me “intern grace” while gaining new work experience. Already I consider myself a pro at my first big project here at School Datebooks: liking/following countless high school customers on social media. Since this involves the same skills as Facebook creeping, I’m pretty experienced in this area, and so is Leah — the other marketing intern you’ve heard from. Speaking of Leah, I was so pumped my first day when I found out I would get to share the back-corner-storage-area-office with another human being close to my age.

But. Then. She. Left. Me. For 2 weeks.

It almost seems like after 3 weeks of working here she caught a whiff of what those other interns discovered who apparently left (read the first paragraph again in case you forgot). Or she was driven insane by the never-ending liking/following on Facebook and Twitter. Or maybe she is teaching a swim camp (which is actually true). Any of those options are plausible, but I now have this ginormous task in my tiny hands and nobody to share animal crackers with from the snack bar.

Speaking of the snack bar, I would have to say that it closely resembles the people who work here at School Datebooks: both are a little sweet, a little salty, and are always available if you need them. The personality of the office is seriously unique and fun. I feel like most professional offices are pretty strict and rigid, but School Datebooks is the opposite. My first day didn’t consist of hours of training or long lists of tasks to complete — instead, I had a quick briefing and then went on a scavenger hunt to meet literally everyone who works here. On my adventure I made the faux-pas of asking Jeff if the Grateful Dead was a TV show (it’s actually a band), learned that Leslie’s school mascot was a hot dog, and found out that Jen had Luke Bryan over to her house to go hunting — there’s even photo proof! My biggest takeaway was that everyone here will talk to you and give you some time out of their hectic work day even if you’re just an intern on a scavenger hunt. That speaks volumes to the atmosphere School Datebooks has created, and I’m thankful I get to be a part of it.

So, the project continues. As everyone around me frantically works to meet their deadlines, I am frantically clicking “Like” and “Follow” on our customers’ social media pages. Checking my first blog off of my To-Do List also entitles me to a flying unicorn that bounces across my computer screen. What greater satisfaction exists?