"You're a terrible person"

by Brooke Halteman

Yes, those words came from the mouth of the man I’m supposed to impress with my unparalleled Liking/Following skills on social media. It’s probably not the first thing an intern would want to hear from her supervisor, but with Jon, comments like that mean you’re probably on good terms. I admit that I deserved this response since I was poking fun at his age. He ordered me to make his “belittling” quote the title of my next blog, so here you go Jon.

The past week has opened my eyes to new revelations about marketing. I’m learning that bits and pieces of marketing can be found in the most unlikely ways. Like math.

Yes, I said math.

grumpy cat math.jpg

When we started our Marketing Team Meeting this week, Victoria and I laughed at Jon for bringing a calculator. But we didn’t know what was in store for us. About 1.5 hours later, four marketing connoisseurs and two lowly interns still sat around a table with wide eyes and headaches. Jon’s chicken scratch of indistinguishable equations, conversions, and Newton’s Third Law of Motion were written all over the whiteboard – to his disappointment – in only black marker (marketing peeps need some kind of creativity, even if it’s just a colored marker).

Why? You might ask.

Well, over the past 30 years, School Datebooks has printed an impressive 65 million planners and shipped them around the world. That’s a really big number. Most people don’t know how to visualize that in their minds, so that’s where we come in to make our statistic wow you like it should.

Our first idea was comparing the height of 65 million books to the distance to the moon. But that idea was quickly scrapped because our book pile only reaches 513 miles high. The moon is 225,623 miles away.

A lovely, unimpressive representation of our 65 million printed books.

A lovely, unimpressive representation of our 65 million printed books.

Moving on.

We toyed with ideas like stacking the Sears Tower (yes, I know it’s technically the Willis Tower, but I refuse to call it that) on top of itself multiple times or laying books end-to-end from New York to Australia. But nothing hit home like comparing 65 million books to some of America’s favorite pastimes: football and basketball. Plus, basketball is on everyone’s minds recently anyway with the NBA Championship going on, so it’s perfect.

Many numbers later, we learned how many basketball courts and football fields we can cover with the number of books we’ve printed. We also learned that converting inches and calculating volume is not fun.

Alas, the end goal (no pun intended) was accomplished, and I think the comparison is pretty wow-ing. Stay tuned for the final product of our mathematical genius at a later date. It will probably knock your socks off.