Get ready for "Teddy Bear Picnic Day"

by Brooke Halteman

Food is one of my favorite things. Especially desserts. When I accepted this marketing internship, I didn’t expect that my job would involve SO. MUCH. FOOD.

Let me expand. It’s not that School Datebooks is serving me a feast – although the bottomless jars of animal crackers and Cheese-Its are close – but the past week I have been researching holidays dedicated to different foods so we can add them to our Choosing Healthy Habits datebooks. I’m amazed at all of the holidays that exist! Seriously, there is a holiday for every single food.

For example, I had no idea that December 13 was Ice Cream and Violins Day. Yes, both of them. Celebrated at the same time. I would have participated in this a long time ago if I had known about it.

To make up for the lost years of holiday ignorance, I found myself putting a few into my phone calendar:

  • National Blueberry Muffin Day (Jul. 11) – it’s coming up!!
  • Waffle Day (Aug. 24)
  • National French Toast Day (Nov. 28)
  • National Cookie Day (Dec. 4)

There are so many foods worth celebrating. And I have a sweet tooth. Let’s just say my personal calendar does not mirror our Choosing Healthy Habits one.

So, if anything, I’m thankful to School Datebooks for opening my eyes to the wonderfully under-celebrated holidays around the world. We don’t print all of them in our calendars (obviously), but in my research I found some pretty stellar ones that may or may not involve food. They made me chuckle so I wanted to share them with the world.

That makes me wonder why there isn’t a Chuckle Day. Maybe I should create one…


All of these were brought to you by and

All of these were brought to you by and