Following Frenzy

by Leah Ritsema

Greetings people of the internet! Leah here, back to talk to you about my second and third week of interning. It has been busy here at School Datebooks with everyone getting ready for fall and the upcoming school year. Recently, I was assigned the task of finding and following/liking every customer we weren’t already connected with on both Facebook and Twitter. This is what Jon and Leslie call a “marketing opportunity” (something nobody wants to do because it stinks, but it has to get done anyway). Hundreds of Facebook and Twitter searches later, I can say that I have not even made a dent in finding all of you. So far I have liked/followed 588 School Datebooks customers out of the 3,212 high schools that need to be found. I don’t even want to think about the elementary schools, middle schools, and colleges/universities that aren’t included in that number. Stay tuned, I will keep you all posted on my running total! While it is tedious, I really don’t mind the work. It’s cool that I have an actual impact on the company and a direct line with the customers.

As far as social media goes, I would like to talk to Leslie about doing some more posting on the School Datebooks Facebook and Twitter accounts and talk about some of the exciting things happening in the office right now – for example, all of our new renovations and the progress being made on construction (Leslie wants to call this the “pardon our dust” campaign). Also, a “duck-face” selfie contest may be in our future as the Customer Service Representatives are quite good at making them at each other. Jon and Leslie are also talking to me about doing a short talk show called “Cheese-its with Leah” which I think pretty much encompasses my reputation here in the office. I am really enjoying working with social media so far; I think that active social media accounts are a really easy way to help customers get to know your culture as an organization, as well as provide a direct, fun and personal relationship with the customer. 

Leslie had me pull a handful of custom cover samples for their next catalog, and knowing that the covers I pulled will go to print is pretty neat! (I can’t say I wasn’t at least a little biased when choosing the schools. Go Boilers!) Leslie also had me find 70 sports-related quotes to send off for proofing to put into the planners. I particularly enjoyed this task because I was able to apply it to myself so easily. I asked, as an athlete, does this quote do anything for me? Do I feel emotion after reading it? (Again, I may have been a little biased. I definitely threw in some quotes by swimmers.) I look forward to getting even more involved with School Datebooks as time goes on. I love feeling like I make an impact on the organization. It is pretty cool that I get to help make decisions and see my work play out. Despite only having worked for a couple of weeks so far, my opinion is valued here. Not many 20 year olds get to say that.

That’s all that is happening right now!

Stay classy, School Datebooks.