Thinking Outside the Box

by Brooke Halteman

Leah and I debuted our first #InternsInHistory video on Wednesday. This day also marks the beginning of our road to fame. Leah’s friends in Michigan texted her with questions and jokes about her stellar performance as a rabid dog as soon as we posted it online. School Datebooks even gained a few new followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, the things we do for marketing.

In fact, our innovation (and humiliation) has gained us a fan base. All of the Customer Service Representatives love gathering around the intern desk to watch the latest and greatest videos we create, and leave saying things like:

“I’m going to follow the Twitter page!”

“I need to get back on my Instagram account!”

Mission accomplished. 

*Drops mic*Walks away*

*Drops mic*Walks away*

You would be surprised at how much planning goes into making a 6-second video. With such a short amount of time, you have to be on top of your game and make the most of every millisecond. This being said, our creative juices have been flowing like a raging river. Each video we make raises the bar of expectations. I even asked my mom to borrow her old prom dress so we could use it as a pilgrim costume. (I’m sure she loved that request. I also used it to dress up as a “lady” in my 6th grade Medieval Fair.)

But there are some props that we simply don’t have, which means that we have to create them out of supplies in the office. At first we would get strange looks and awkward laughs from our coworkers, but now it has just become the norm for them to see us running around wearing strange costumes or crafting in the middle of the hallway. You would be amazed at some of the things we’ve come up with….

Pilgrim bonnets from printer paper.

A spacesuit helmet from a box covered in aluminum foil.

A periscope from an old web camera.

There is also a cardboard box that has faithfully followed us to the North Pole and the New World. We call it our trusty steed.

Our trusty steed, Leah's paper pilgrim costume, and my mom's super fashionable prom dress (hood included).

Our trusty steed, Leah's paper pilgrim costume, and my mom's super fashionable prom dress (hood included).

Speaking of boxes, this week also included manual labor for the interns. We had to pack a ton of boxes with Pinwheel® marketing items. Pinwheel is an online scheduling tool that was developed by School Datebooks. It’s designed to make life easier for everyone in the school system – administrators, teachers, coaches, students, and parents – by communicating information from one online source.

I have been given the task of creating actual promotional videos targeting these different audiences to inform them of how Pinwheel® will benefit them. Thinking about a serious approach towards marketing is a new concept for me in the sarcastic School Datebooks atmosphere. Filming the #InternsInHistory videos has put me in the humorous mindset, so I have to shift my thinking. It’s time to put on my big girl pants. Bring on the new challenge!