Gone in body, here in spirit

By Brooke Halteman

The last vine. The last storyboard. The last blog. The last day at School Datebooks.

As I sit at my desk – a little salty, I admit, that we didn’t get to move into the renovated office space next door before I left – it’s oddly sentimental thinking back on my experience here. At the beginning of the summer you probably remember me making fun of my small storage space “office.” But now a soccer ball, a pink Eiffel Tower topped with the Spanish and American flags, and a blown-up rubber glove (representative of a cow utter) have lightened up my desk space. A crumpled aluminum foil Sputnik and our trusty steed box sit on the shelves behind me. I am literally surrounded by priceless memories of my summer at School Datebooks.

I didn’t know what to expect coming into this internship, but I assumed it would be a unique experience since the people who work here are such cool individuals. Cool people don’t work at boring places.

For example, within a few minutes of walking into work today I was already being encouraged to try weird potato chip flavors located on the “Chip Table” and vote on which was my favorite. I still have the leftover taste of a New York Reuben sandwich (in chip form) mixed with coffee in my mouth. Not the most pleasant experience before 9:00 in the morning.

Even though this internship has been a lot of fun and even goofy at times, I have honestly learned a lot.

·         Anything can be fun if you make it fun.

·         Anything can be a “marketing opportunity” – even if you’re stuffing boxes with promo stuff.

·         Anything can be made out of a cardboard box.

·         Social media really is important for businesses, especially if the posts are entertaining.

·         Storyboards require good writing and mediocre illustrations (thankfully).

·         Creativity is key.

·         School Datebooks is kind of a big deal.

So, I guess this is me saying good-bye. I literally just heard Jon sniffle in his cube a few feet away. I’ll assume that was because he is going to miss me. But the cool thing is that even though this is my last day physically at School Datebooks, I will still be here in spirit. (I promise I’m not getting weird here – I’m talking about the #InternsInHistory videos that will be posted each month. Follow us on Twitter/Facebook! Shameless last plug.)

I’ll leave you with some exceptional quotes from the marketing department that I’ve acquired over the past couple months. This was an actual assignment for my internship, believe it or not (at this point nothing should surprise you):

Leah – “If there were ever a zombie apocalypse, I’ve already thought this through. I would go to Costco. You can literally have everything there. So many unperishable foods that you could live there for years.”

Victoria – “We should take a team trip to Key West!”

Jon – “We can take a team trip to your cube.”

Jon – “Is 11.8 square miles enough to cover Belgium? How about Rhode Island?”

Leslie – “How big is a basketball field? Oh wait. Math and sports…yeah, I’m definitely not in my area of expertise.”

Leah to Jon (after his 2-day conference) – “You came back!”

Leah – “We could build a bridge out of spaghetti. Like uncooked spaghetti, ya know?”

(After Jon says he doesn’t know OneRepublic or think they would have good music)

Me –  “Maybe your frame of reference is not reality.”

Jon – “My frame of reference is reality. And right.”

I think these quotes encapsulate the personality of our team pretty accurately. My sarcastic, spunky, supportive coworkers will definitely be missed. It’s been real, School Datebooks.